Thursday, March 31, 2016

Delayed Dreams and Garage Progress

In June of last year I bought a Millermatic 211 welder, a tank of 75/25 Argon/CO2 and a bunch of misc welding stuff like an auto darkening welding helmet etc.

Since then I have been learning to weld and slowly making progress on the garage. 

(I also did a lot of work to finish my basement in that time, so I was busy on other projects.)

Some pictures of the workbench progress. 

The bench has a sheet of drywall sitting on it in this picture. That isn't permanent.  

Under the bench showing the power run there. 

I bought a Harbor Freight tool chest for under the workbench this month for $189.99 plus tax so $204.24 total. 


My son Quincy helping me unpack. 

Installed where it's going.

I am currently planning to start saving about $200 a month from my freelance work toward the mustang. Spring has me excited about this idea again. 

Leaning toward a 68 right now, but we will see.