Saturday, April 9, 2016

Review: WEN 2290 Air Compressor Accessory Kit, 20-Piece

My old air compressor had an attached air hose, so when I sent it with my father in law to go live out at the cabin they bought in September I needed to finally get an air hose for the other one I had in my garage, an old Black Max 5 gallon compressor my brother picked up somewhere and gave to me when he got a better one.

Amazon Prime to the rescue. I ordered a WEN 2290 Air Compressor Accessory Kit, 20-Piece set for $15.44 because it was the cheapest set I saw on Amazon and I needed both a hose and an air chuck to air up tires.

The set comes in standard retail plastic packaging. 

This set came with a hose, parts for airing up tires, blowing parts, and a generous stack of spare parts. 

The hose is the cheapest lowest quality air hose I have ever felt. It feels like it's made of plastic instead of rubber like all the other air hoses I've ever held do. 

The tire airing parts include a double sided air chuck and a cheap feeling air gauge. 

The blowing parts included a generous assortment of different blower ends. 

The spare parts pile after everything else was put together seemed like an odd assortment to me.

The set also came with a roll of pipe tape and I had to assemble all the pieces. 

Once I had the set together I took it out to my air compressor to test it and found out the hose bib on my compressor was NOT the 1/4 inch size I had purchased. The 1/4 inch end on the hose didn't fit. 

Spare parts pile to the rescue. I swapped out one of the air hose bibs on my compressor for a spare bib from the spare parts pile using a male to male adapter from that same pile. Now my compressor works with my new air hose and tools and I also have the old bib for the other size air hose if I ever need it. 

Overall I feel like I more than got my money's worth out of this kit. The air hose may not take a beating or hold up for years, but then again it may, even if it only lasts six months though the rest of the parts seem solid and this will allow me to save money toward buying the mustang itself.

Monday, April 4, 2016

New Book and new tools

I ordered myself a mustang book as a gift to celebrate the birth of my youngest kid on Friday the 1st. (Other kids got Legos and mom got a new Mercy Thompson book.)

My book was Project Mustang by Larry Lyles.

This book is great. I have read a lot of blogs on restoring old mustangs and they are both inspiring and informative, but even the best of them lack some of the "beginner" level information this book provides. 

On a different front yesterday I sent one of my air compressors with my father in law to live out at the cabin they bought last summer and are fixing up. The compressor I still have came from my brother for free but lacks an air hose so I needed to order one. I ordered a cheap off brand kit from Amazon using our prime shipping for $15.44. I figure even if it only lasts a few months it's only $15 and I can get a better hose later.

While I was placing that order I bought a cheap Porter-Cable angle grinder for $24.99 and a couple of grinder disks since I needed to be able to clean the surface rust off some of the practice metal my father in law bought me for Christmas to practice welding on.