Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Removing the Exhaust Header

I wanted to just disconnect the exhaust pipe, hence my removal of the alternator and starter so I could get my long wrench on these bolts. 

Nothing I tried was able to get this bolt loose though so I had to go around that problem. Thus I decided to just take off the whole exhaust header.

The exhaust header is supposed to be held on by eleven 9/16 inch head bolts. Five long bolts and six short ones.

My exhaust header was missing one of the short bolts when I got the car, and two of my long bolts had 14mm heads instead of the 9/16 inch heads the rest of the bolts had. I do NOT think that is the way this is supposed to be. I blame the previous owner. :-)


  1. Well you conquered that problem with a good solution. The good news is that on reassembly, you can correct the previous fix with the right fix. Carry on...

    1. Thank you. I was this close to cutting the exhaust off but that's one part of the car that isn't full of rust holes and I hate being wasteful.